As far back as I can remember I have been creating new things for myself and others. Lego castles and drawings were staples in my childhood. Way before the digital camera was invented my best friend and I could entertain ourselves by coming up with funny and imaginative scenarios to engulf ourselves in until class was back in session. Childhood journals and cassette tapes confirm that I was a story teller and videographer long before Youtube was created.

Along the way I studied journalism and also received 2 degrees. My first degree was in marketing and second in entrepreneurship as I realized the best education for a video producer was to go out and do it; which i did. The business degrees have allowed me to better work with professionals and business owners as well as run my own business efficiently.  

  I've always enjoyed working in a creative medium so when I started doing video production professionally in 2008 I knew it was something I could really get into and I've been doing it ever since. I have created 7 Youtube channels so far and have hundreds and hundred of videos produced. I have put a couple of them as samples on this page for your review. I am continuing to improve and grow as a video creator and know my best work is the next project I'll work on. Let's make that next project yours.